Estudio creativo, Agencia de publicidad. Productora audiovisual. Dirección de arte, producción, fotografía, motion graphics, música, comunicación, estrategia de marca, eventos, diseño, creatividad.

We love making films, productions, new concepts, creative solutions, storytellers, filmmakers, creative partners

Fotografía de moda, valencia, campañas moda, fotógrafo de moda. Consultoría, Identidad de marca, Diseño editorial, arquitectura efímera, Packaging, Diseño gráfico, Diseño Experiencias.

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EL MINISTERIO | Word on the street
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Word on the street


“Their documentary on vanilla roaches prevented a war in Nicaragua.”

“No words can describe what I felt when I saw the photos from that session.”

“My entire filmography feels small when I look at their Instagram feed.”

– Mario Testino
– Werner Herzog

“One day we will be able to afford this team.”

“Thank God for Twitter so I can follow their every step there.”

“I have a confession to make: they shot my famous homevideo.”

– The New York Times
– Pope Pio XIII
– Paris Hilton