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Reinventing Cuba | DOCUMENTARY

Reinventing Cuba | DOCUMENTARY

Everyone’s talking about Cuba and the U.S. mending fences, but what will Cuba be exporting in greatest numbers? It’s a little-explored question that will lead us to understand who Cubans really are.

CCTV delves into baseball, art, entrepreneurship and medicine: Cuba has a top-notch pharmaceutical industry, can it compete with Big Pharma? Because of Cuba’s strong education system, the answer is “yes,” Cuba can compete. In fact it already does, and its successes have created an overlooked but burgeoning middle class.

These are the people at the forefront of what will likely be Cuba’s future as it moves into this new era. We see what they’re up to, and where they think their country will go. These are all stories of hope that come together to explain the heart of the country.

Dedicated to the Lions of Central Havana

Winner of a Silver World Medal in the Human Concerns category and a Bronze World Medal in the Heroes category at the 2016 New York Festivals Competition.