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El Ministerio | CCTV America – Haiti’s Health Care | SHORT DOCUMENTARY
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CCTV America – Haiti’s Health Care | SHORT DOCUMENTARY

CCTV America – Haiti’s Health Care | SHORT DOCUMENTARY

The Haitian government has attempted to improve the country’s health care system. After conducting widespread vaccination and hygiene campaigns, the number of cholera cases has severely declined. Additionally, survivors of the earthquake, who had at one point lived in tent cities outside the capital that were breading grounds for diseases, have almost all been relocated to more permanent homes.
They have also introduced a new national ambulance service, the first of its kind for Haiti. This includes 56 ambulances placed strategically around the country and a helicopter service — which has saved many lives. The ambulances now also have a reliable hospital to send patients. The Bernard Geves Hospital is a small, state-of-the-art facility that performs 2,500 operations a year. Before the earthquake, it had only been an outpatient center.
In this short documentary Gerry Hadden covers Haiti’s attempts to improve its health care. Haiti’s Health Care won in 2015 a Gold World Medal under the category of Best Coverage of Continuing News Story at the New York Festivals.